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    For every renter we send your way, we guarantee the rent for the length of their lease. No cost, no obligations.

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Some of the largest landlords trust Leap.

And we are just getting started.

Become Lord of Your Land

Imagine spending less time evaluating renters or managing large security deposits and more time on… well… anything else. We’re here to help get you there.

Leap acts as a co-signer that you’ll never have to chase down for missed rent, and we’re backed by an AM Best A-rated insurance company so you know we’re good for it. Let us take on the risk and give you back a little peace of mind.

How It Works

Tenants Apply Online

Tenants complete an easy, online application and submit supporting documents to Leap for review.

Review and Approval

Once a tenant signs with us, we guaranty the rent each month for the entire term of the lease.

Another Closed Lease

The approved tenant signs the lease, and you kick back and collect your rent each month no matter what!

Our Pledge to Landlords: You will never miss a month’s rent on a covered tenant.

We pay first, and ask questions later. Why chase multiple tenants and multiple parent co-signers? We are your one point of contact when things go sideways.

Features and Benefits

Expand Your Tenant Pool

Leap’s lease program brings pre-qualified tenants right to your doorstep.

Fast Closing

Without the need to collect security deposits or secure additional co-signer/guarantors your leases will close faster.

Fewer Vacancies

A full building is a happy building – or at least a happy landlord.

Zero Risk

You’ll sleep easy knowing we’ll pay the rent every month if a tenant defaults.

Landlord FAQs

What does Leap offer?

The Leap lease program helps landlords expand their tenant pool by delivering more qualified tenants. The service is paid for by the renter and guarantees you the complete rental amount for the length of the lease upon default. We’ll pay the rent when it’s due until the apartment is filled – keeping you whole.

How does partnering with Leap  benefit the landlord/owner?

It’s simple, working with Leap means increased renters, reduced vacancies and less hassle for landlords. We guarantee you’ll receive payment for the duration of the lease for every renter we send your way. Leap expands the pool of qualified tenants for your units. There is no cost to partner with us and we’ll do all the heavy lifting. You get qualified renters and faster close dates.

Who pays for the Leap lease program?

The renter pays for the service. Landlords are the insured and the beneficiary of the landlord policy, all at no cost to them.


What does the Leap lease program cover?

We’ll cover the full rental amount for the length of the lease. In the event the renter defaults on payment, simply file a claim with Leap and we’ll send you the rent each month until the unit is filled or the lease expires.

How do I contact Leap to file a claim?

Just take 2 minutes to fill out the claim form that’s attached to the landlord policy. That’s it!

Who pays for the claims?

We’re backed by an AM Best A (Excellent) rated insurance company.

Why should I accept the Leap lease program vs a co-signer or guarantor?

We pay claims first and ask questions later.  All claims submitted to our team are expedited to ensure our landlords/owners receive payment as quickly as possible. By partnering with Leap, you also remove the need to track down and collect from moms and dads in the event of a loss. never miss a month’s rent when working with us.

How long does it take to process a tenant application with Leap?

Complete applications are reviewed within 30 minutes. Once all documents are received and reviewed, tenants can receive approval the same day.

Will accepting Leap’s rent insurance change my leasing process?

No, we’ll work with you to fit within your standard procedure.

Does rent insurance prevent me from evicting a tenant?

No, the lease still governs your relationship with your tenant. In fact, our service is in place to protect you and limit risk.  In the event the tenant stops paying, you may follow standard eviction procedures. Once you’ve claimed possession of the apartment simply file a claim with our team and we’ll pay the monthly rent until the lease ends or the apartment is re-let.

How do I register?

Approve the landlord policy and sign our one-page agreement.  That’s all there is to it!

How does Leap handle hold-over tenants?

Leap will pay the rent monthly, including rent in arrears, once the landlord has evicted the tenant and repossessed the apartment.  Rent will be paid until the apartment is filled or the lease ends.